Monday, March 3, 2008

Behold the Vita Mix!

My wife and I invested in a Vita Mix about two years ago. They’re great! They have a two horsepower motor that is nearly impossible to burn out. In fact all of the smoothie joints like Jamba Juice and others use them to blend their smoothies. We used ours occasionally until I started WW.

I now use my Vita Mix every morning. I have the same breakfast most mornings. It consists of a four point smoothie and 2 1/4 cups of Total multigrain flakes with a WW yogurt mixed in, for a total of eight points.

The smoothie is simple and huge and could easily be modified for anyone.

It consists of:

1 Weight Watcher yogurt—one point

3 Cups frozen fruit—three points

12 oz. water—zero points

I simply add the yogurt to the Vita Mix, then the fruit and finally I fill the empty yogurt cup with water twice and add that. Then mix!

The end product!

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Wendy said...

The Vitamix is really great. My parents and brother own one and they love it. They've made many a yummy smoothie for us.