Monday, March 17, 2008

Week 3 Maintenance

Weighed in at the meeting tonight and was a little surprised at my weight...214.4 lbs. I lost 8.6 lbs last week. Yikes!!! My leader, Kaye, was a little worried. So I've got to eat lots of points this next week. I'm not worried though. My energy level is there and I feel great.

I don't know how many people watched the show on TLC, "I Can Make You Thin with Paul McKenna this last week. I found it pretty interesting. It's a show that will span 5 weeks. In this first show he talked about 4 Golden Rules. His rules are:

  1. When you're hungry, eat! He talked about physical and emotional hunger.
  2. Eat what you want. He suggested going to your fridge and cupboards and throwing out any foods you don't care or like to eat. Then make a list of your five favorite foods and go out and buy them. Doesn't matter what they are.
  3. Eat consciously! Eat slowly, put down your fork and knife after every bite, and enjoy every mouthful, savor your food. Chew each mouthful at least 20 times. Don't eat with distractions, turn off the television and put down the books.
  4. When you're full stop! If you have a hard time realizing your full, then close your eyes and tune into your stomach. If you even suspect your full, then stop.
While I don't agree with all of it, like eating your five favorite foods. Face it some foods just aren't good for you and those types used to be my favorite foods. I am going to implement the "No Distraction" rule while eating, that and putting down the fork and knife in between bites make a lot of sense to me. It will be interesting seeing where his program goes in the coming weeks.

One thing I love about weight watchers is that I can still MAXIMIZE points and have quite a bit of food and hey, it's worked wonders for me and a lot of other people. I believe it all comes down to making a lifestyle change for the better.

So I am back on my walking schedule, kind of out of necessity. The right pedal on my recumbent bicycle sheared off Friday morning during my workout. Luckily I had purchased it at Costco and was able to return it. But WOW, who'd a thunk I would ride the bike to death?

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