Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MAXIMIZE what you eat!!!

I often get asked by others who are amazed at my weight loss and how I’ve done it if I miss any of the foods I used to eat. Well yeah, of course I do. We were at Chili’s having some dinner and the waiter, out of the goodness of his heart, brought us a platter of chips and salsa, free of charge. Now back in the day I would have been all over that platter, but now I equate that platter with the 12 points that it is. So I told my wife she could have what she wanted but I wasn’t touching them. Well the chips and salsa are about a foot away from my face the entire time, but I stood strong and resisted them. Wasn’t easy, but it was possible. So yeah, I miss foods and crave some foods when I smell them. That’ll probably always be there.

I’m then always asked, “What do you eat? Does it taste good?” So I’ve decided to post some of my own recipes that I use. I find them very flavorful and consider myself a food connoisseur. You know I didn’t get to be 400lbs eating crummy tasting food. I still like good tasting food and love to make it; it’s just now that food is good for me also.

My theme when it comes to food and points is “MAXIMIZE, MAXIMIZE, MAXIMIZE!” If you want to have a seven point Snickers bar go ahead. I’ll MAXIMIZE and have a two point Fiber 1 Oats and Chocolate bar to feed that chocolate craving and I’ll save five points and get 1/3 of my daily recommended fiber allowance doing so. Another example is the Weight Watcher 6oz. yogurt compared with the Yoplait Light 6oz. yogurts. They both have the same amount of calories—100, the same amount of fat—0 grams, but the Yoplait brand is two points and the WW yogurts are one point. Why? Because the WW yogurts have 3 grams of fiber and the Yoplait yogurts don’t have any at all. That 3 grams of fiber brings it down a point. Same great taste, same price at Walmart, but you MAXIMIZE with the WW brand.


fox family said...

John, I like the before and after photos on the side like that. I sent an email to my family (siblings and parents) telling them about you with a link to your blog. We think you're pretty great.

fox family said...

John, I can't believe it, but I can believe it! You inspire us to conquer our own battles. I told the kids that they wouldn't recognize you, but Sadie and Moses assured me that your voice wouldn't change... and he'll still be funny, said Sadie. I told them your eyes would be the same too... and they said your ears and nose would be the same too. They haven't seen the pics yet... Nathan

Sarah B said...

I am so proud of you. My love for you grows bigger as you grow smaller. I am glad to see you kept your better half, since you're half the man you used to be. Go team Bryant. -S

Wendy said...

John: Thanks for posting your success story. I know a few others that have lost weight using the WW system and I think it is time to give it a shot. I may consult you for advice.

p.s. You and Sarah need to come see us this summer and hang out.

Wendy said...

H-O-L-Y Cow. I barely recognize you. That is such an accomplishment. Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration to so many people.


Kate said...

Hey John, I hope you don't mind, but Chad & Wendy sent us the link to this blog. You look fantastic. We wouldn't even recognize you if we passed you on the street! Congratulations.
-Chris & Katie