Monday, February 25, 2008

My weight loss chronicled

On September 17th, 2007 I visited my doctor and told him what I was doing to lose weight. I, and my leader at WW, wanted to make sure I was healthy and losing the weight in a healthy manner. He was amazed at my progress, the blood work and EKG were excellent, and he wrote me up a clean bill of health to take back to my WW leader. By this time I’d lost almost 100lbs in almost 4 months on WW.

On January 21st, 2008 I visited my doctor again to solidify a goal weight. Let me just mention here I read an email from WW today concerning BMI and how while it isn’t the perfect system for developing a goal weight for everybody it is pretty darn good. Well, my doctor thought WW’s goal of 211lbs for a guy of my stature and build was a little low. We came up with the goal of 225lbs. I would then have the opportunity to continue to develop lean muscle and he said it would better suit someone of my size and stature. Yay, I now had a goal to work towards! My blood pressure at this visit was 110 over 61, my doctor was very impressed with it and said if there was ever a correct model for proper weight loss I was it. That made me feel good. He sent me up for a blood test to make sure everything was still in order, like my vitamin D levels. The phlebotomist had no idea I was losing weight or what I was doing, but when she went to draw my blood she commented, " Your veins are easy to find, all there is here is lean muscle." That was about the best compliment I've ever received. Well, all was in order with my blood work. I'm healthy!

My weekly progress follows:

Starting weight: 393.6lbs
Week 1: Lost 14.8lbs
Week 2: Lost 8.8lbs
Week 3: Lost 7.6lbs
Week 4: Lost 8.8lbs
Week 5: Lost 2.8lbs
Week 6: Lost 6.2lbs
Week 7: Lost 6.4lbs
Week 8: Lost 6.8lbs
Week 9: Lost 4lbs
Week 10: Lost 1.2lbs
Week 11: Lost 6.6lbs
Week 12: Lost 4.6lbs
Week 13: Lost 9.8lbs
Week 14: Lost 2.4lbs
Week 15: Lost 4.4lbs
Week 16: Lost 4.4lbs
Week 17: Lost 3lbs
Week 18: Lost 5.2lbs
Week 19: Lost 5.8lbs
Week 20: Lost 1.6lbs
Week 21: Lost 8.2lbs
Week 22: Lost 1lb
Week 23: Lost 1.8lbs
Week 24: Lost 4.8lbs
Week 25: Lost 6.2lbs
Week 26: Gained 2.2lbs
Week 27: Lost 11.2lbs
Week 28: Gained 1.2lbs
Week 29: Lost 3.4lbs
Week 30: Lost 2.2lbs
Week 31: Gained 1.2lbs
Week 32: Lost 4.2lbs
Week 33: Lost 2.8lbs
Week 34: Lost 2.8lbs
Week 35: Lost 4lbs
Week 36: Gained .8lbs
Week 37: Lost 3.4lbs
Week 38: Lost 3.2lbs

I was really miffed at the end Week 26 when I gained weight, because I don’t cheat on the plan. I eat my assigned points only. I don’t eat my exercise points nor my 35 flex points. I realize now that your body has its own schedule and plan and adjusts itself accordingly as long as you’re treating it right. I was ticked though that night at weigh in.

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