Monday, April 7, 2008


Tonight I hit Lifetime with Weight Watchers. I lost another 2.4 lbs, so my weight is now at 212.2 lbs with a total weight loss of 181.4 lbs.

I'm excited to be a Lifetime member and picked up an application to become a leader with Weight Watchers. I believe the key to weight loss is a combination of eating correctly, which Weight Watchers teaches you how to do, and exercising. You will experience weight loss with either one, but combine them both and you can really lose weight. I figured it took me 8.5 months to get to goal and and a total of 10 to become Lifetime.


fox family said...

John, you look so great! The girls are with me, and I said out loud, "Wow!"
Sadie: "Who is that?"
Me: "That's Uncle John."
Sadie: "That does not even look like him!"
Congratulations. We love you.
And you're in our prayers.

Wendy C said...

I'm so proud of you, as a fellow weight watcher, I have an idea of what you've gone through, although I have to say, you've made it look easy and I know it's not! You always kept positive, no matter what. I went home from our last meeting with a whole new perspective on this program thanks to listening to what you and others had to say and have had a great week after coming off of a terrible two week binge which I had blamed on a very stressful situation happening at work, but really, the only thing I can blame is myself! I know I'll have many more bumps in the road but the key is to not eat my way through them. I realized that you get out of this program exactly what you put into it, if you follow the program half way, you'll get half way results,but if I give it my all, just imagine! So, thank you for being you, and again, congratulations!! Wendy C

Linda Lynch said...