Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!

One year ago yesterday I walked into Weight Watchers and slapped my money down hoping their scale could weigh a guy my size. In fact that's the first question I asked Judy, my leader at that time, "Will this weigh a guy my size?" She assured me it would and I hopped on. The scale read 393.6lbs and my journey began.

Well, one year later my journey continues. As of this last Monday when I weighed in, I weighed 209.8lbs. I am loving this journey!!! I feel more in control of my life then I ever have before and simply just feel good.

I hit my weight goal of 225lbs on February 25th, 2008 and became a Lifetime Weight Watcher member six weeks later. I have interviewed and been hired by Weight Watchers to be a leader and am excited to help others with their weight loss journeys.

I've done nothing more than follow the plan, sticking to my points, and exercising. I just walk and lift light weights. Nothing special, but yet quite effective.

Well, one year down and an eternity to go! I'm in this for the long haul. Here goes life!


Anonymous said...


Your accomplishment is inspiring. I started WW in October of 2007, at 338.6, and today, I'm getting there - 242.4.

Some of the things I've picked up from your blog have been really helpful - especially the PB2 tip! (Isn't that stuff awesome?)

Keep it up!


Ash said...

Congratulations!! Your stats are amazing and I'm so happy that you are working for WW. So many people are going to learn so much from you and continue to be inspired by your story!

I did WW as well, lost 33 lbs on the program and I am now also a leader!!!

Again, happy anniversary!!

Wendy said...

Way to go on being a leader with WW. I'm sure you are so inspiring to the people that you're helping.

Heidi said...

I was looking for Mental Rehearsing things to share at my WW meeting and came across your blog.

CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary and WOOOHOOOO!! on becoming a leader too - it is a wonderful job we have as leaders to be able to help others see that they too can do this!! :) That is so wonderful that you're joining the team, I know you will inspire SO many people with your wonderful and encouraging story!! :) Thank you for sharing it with us!!